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Artist Spotlight: Zhaipuh Abraham

Zhaipuh Abraham, Finalist, TCC Sketch Contest 2020

Zhaipuh Abraham, a St. Francis De Sales and St. Anthony's College alum, is a social worker from Kangpokpi, Maipur. Humorous, talented, frank, spiritual, careless and optimistic are just a few adjectives that people who know Zhaipuh use to describe this man with a big dream.

A self-taught artist, Zhaipuh started drawing in primary school much like other kids. He predominantly sketched superheroes and bikes as a kid. Much of these drawings were created on text books, school bags, benches, walls and even his arm, and while his parents and teachers weren't the biggest fans of his choices of base or support, his hardwork and dedication has led to many an accolade including inter-school competitions and a national level contest organized by ICYM, India, on the theme, 'Nature with us and without us'. His work has even been used as illustrations in the 'Easy Series', by Dr. George Kaitholil SSp (Pauline Publications).

"People say, talented, gifted, however, it was never like Booom! and instantly gifted or talented. It started from a scratch. Like any other kid, I started drawing since I was a small boy. I improved gradually. When it comes to Drawing Competition in my school, I was the undisputed winner for nearly a decade, no tough competitors perhaps. Those little thing in my life encourages me to continue with my art. In my opinion, Drawing is the basic foundation of any arts."

As he grew up however, he started exploring the other art forms ranging from crafting and sculpting to painting, making furniture and other creative forms.

"No one ever taught me, no Internet no TV or smart devices those days. It was necessity with passion. Necessity is one significant reason why I started fine arts. But passion is the primary reason for me to continue with my arts. Without passion, I won't be where I am today."

Despite his success, Zhaipuh does not see himself as a professional artist but art has always been his lifestyle. He seeks inspiration from his family, particularly his father. He finds art to be deeply connected with his life and his family. Sometimes, he finds it to be his only solace.

"[Art] is the best way to meditate and reflect upon my own life. When I start any art, I can hear my own heart beat, I find my true self. My art is my story."

Zhaipuh's biggest dream art project is to build his house and a Chapel with his own hands, full of fine arts, creative works (all done by himself). In a way, he intends for it to be like a 'rare museum'. In fact, his dream sees him creating this masterpiece right alongside Michelangelo. Needless to say, a man with such aspirations firmly believes that the artist plays an immense and significant role in society. According to him, a single artist can either ruin or construct a society as art touches every aspect of an individual. While negative art could lead to sin and defilation of love and humanity, positive art is a necessary cornerstone of society.

"If oxygen is for your life, artists are like the salt for your kitchen."

We asked Zhaipuh about his experience as an artist during COVID-19 and whether it had limited his creative capacity.

"Absolutely no. Ironically, because of this crisis, I started sketching again after a gap of nearly a decade. Lockdown, didn't give me more time, time is never given, time is made. I was inspired to do some sketches during the lockdown."

We're glad to hear that. The COVID-19 situation is an important reason why we decided to organize so many art-related events on our platform because we saw the creation of art as a potential solution to the mental impact of the pandemic. We are coming up with many more events and programs on our Instagram page for you artists, follow us to stay updated.

We also asked Zhaipuh if he had any advice to his peers in the art world.

"Be original. Spread the message of love and Humanity through your art. All the best. "

Check out his work and the work of other artists in the contest by clicking here. You may just get the inspiration you need to get started with your next project.

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