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We believe that the first step in encouraging people to create art is the creation of a vibrant community of artists. The art created by these individuals, in our opinion, provide an excellent source of inspiration for the rest of us looking for ideas to guide our next project.

In this gallery, you will view the works of some of the best artists in our community. All the artists featured below have participated and won in our many online art contests. Participate in the next contest to get your artwork featured in our exhibits.

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The T C C  Acrylic Contest winners

The exhibition below features the 10 best artworks submitted by participants in the TCC Acrylic Contest, held in the month of June, 2020. The winner of the Judges' favorite award, Mr. Deo Prasad Rai, from the state of Sikkim received a cash prize of Rs. 10,000. Further, the winners of the Crimson Canvas team favorite award and the People's favorite award each received Rs. 1,000. The contest was held in an effort to raise funds to help residents of urban informal settlements access food during the COVID-19 lockdown. We achieved this because of the love and support shown by the members of our art community in partnership with the NGO Reach Lives. Click on an entry to learn more about the painting.


The Lockdown 3.0 contest winners

These seven artworks were crowned winners by our Instagram community in our Lockdown 3.0 contest held in May, 2020. The contest was held to encourage the creation of art during the nationwide lockdown imposed in lieu of COVID-19. Click on an entry to learn more.

Want to have a solo or group exhibition on the Crimson Canvas community page? Drop us a message at info@thecrimsoncanvas.com to learn more.

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