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Artist Spotlight: Shane Fernandes

Shane Fernandes, Winner, People's Favorite Award, TCC Acrylic Contest 2020

Shane Nikhil Fernandes is a twenty year old, second year mechanical engineering student, from Goa. He is a self taught artist who received a helping hand from a prominent Goan art professional, Rudy D'Silva, who taught him to sharpen his skills by painting different acrylic and watercolor techniques and styles. 

His relationship with art began during his childhood when he was continually engrossed in drawing random football players and his favorite Dragon Ball Z cartoon characters. From there he progressed to painting scenery. A pencil in one hand and a brush in another always brought him calm. 

At a young age Shane was highly influenced by the works of the legendary Goan cartoonist Mario Miranda and would spend hours trying to replicate some of Mario's masterpieces. He was quite successful at doing this and got really good at painting in Mario Miranda's style. Shane was also inspired and fascinated by Claude Monet's attention to detail and expressiveness in color which he tried to embody in his work. 

Shane has a lot of well loved paintings among which his favourite is 'The Last Supper' by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Shane's dream project would be to attempt a classic painting by the likes of Monet and Van Gogh. He wants to strive to reach a level in art where he is compared to the exuberant Picasso for his boldness, the master Leonardo Da Vinci for his realism and the modern artist Thierry Duval for his watercolor prowess.

When Shane faces an artists block he takes a walk, looks around at some of his older paintings and listens to some smooth Jazz music to try to free up his mind and recalibrate.

Shane is the winner of the People's Favourite Award for the TCC Acrylic Contest held in June 2020 where his winning painting was called 'The Canals of Venice'. This contest, organized in aid of COVID-19 relief in urban settlements in Bengaluru, received an overwhelming response from the Crimson Community. We received over 180 entries; Shane, the winner from among such a talented pool of participants certainly receives praise. The 'People's Favorite' award recipient was chosen based on votes cast on our Instagram page. Shane was the indisputable champion in this voting process receiving over 600 points more than the second place winner. When asked about the painting, he stated that he wanted to express the soul of Venice through his painting by trying to encapsulate the culture, history and love that constitutes the beautiful city of Venice. 

The Canals of Venice, the painting that won acclaim at the TCC Acrylic Contest, 2020

On asking what his views about The Crimson Canvas are, he points out the potential for young and budding artists to showcase their work in a supportive community.

"The TCC community is a fantastic opportunity for young artists like me to showcase our talents and express our art! I would advice the young community to always stay motivated and open to new possibilities,believe in yourself and persevere cause your best is always one step ahead of where you quit!"

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