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Frequently asked questions

What percentage of Paint to Empower sales goes to the orphanages?

All sales proceeds minus tax (18%) and an additional Rs. 60 to cover our costs goes to the orphanage.

Can I make a donation instead?

No, by purchasing the work of our children you are validating their hard work and encouraging them to pursue their love for art. We do not accept donations. However, there are other ways to contribute to the initiative, for example, volunteering. Click here for more.

How long does the artwork take to reach me once the purchase is made?

Within Bangalore, we are able to ship the artwork to you on the same or the next day. Outside Bangalore, the shipping time is 7-14 days.

What custom artwork can we create together?

In the past, we have helped clients express themselves through art by understanding their intentions and purpose. This includes individuals, cafes, restaurants, hotel chains and even corporate firms. If you wish to discuss the possibilities before placing the order, please reach out to us by filling in the 'Contact Us' form here.

What if I am not happy with the custom work I receive?

We will work with you and iterate the painting till you are satisifed. We don't consider the painting complete till you are completely happy with it.

Why do Paint to Empower paintings differ from the displayed painting?

Our mission with the Paint to Empower initiative is simple: To provide a creative outlet for the underprivileged and to help empower them through art. Therefore, we afford our participants creative liberties during our workshops which leads to each painting looking a little different from the other. However, please note that a picture of the final painting will be sent to you by email before the painting is shipped. If you are unhappy with it, we will offer you the painting of an alternate participant.

Does the child know when his/her painting is sold?

No. This would foster an unhealthy relationship amongst the children. We transfer all proceeds minus tax (18%) and an additional Rs. 60 to the orphanage which then uses the money for operations.

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