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What happens at an art workshop?

Here's an overview of a Crimson Canvas art workshop.

It's Stranger Things Mania over on Netflix land. How does the Crimson Canvas celebrate the release of the third season of this hit TV show? Well we organize a super fun painting workshop of course!

Here's a fun ad from a week before the event...

Yes, we're fans of the show as well.

The setup

Your ticket is inclusive of all tools and materials. Expect to find everything set up and waiting for you at the venue. We take quality very seriously at the Crimson Canvas, you won't find us using paper plates instead of palettes here. All tools are new and for you to take home.

You will be acquainted with the common tools used in painting first. we understand that most you will not have ever used a paintbrush. Don't worry, after an orientation at one of our workshops, you will feel like an expert.

Next, you will witness a brief run-through of the painting process. How many layers are used, what techniques will be taught and where personalization is possible.

We take quality very seriously at the Crimson Canvas, you won't find us giving you paper plates instead of palettes here.


The painting session features step-by-step painting instructions which will ensure that everyone is able to complete each step. We never see participants struggle and all participants in the past have been able to stick with the group. This is especially possible since each participant receives personal hands-on training at different points in time from our expert artist. You can also ask the artist to add finishing touches to the painting if you desire.

Minus the time between layers, you should be able to complete the painting is less than an hour. The rest of the time? There's food, drinks, conversation, and 'finishing touches'. You can really produce some quality paintings at a Crimson Canvas workshop.

If you are participating in a collaborative painting workshop, you will also spend some time working together with your partner to spread the painting across multiple canvases.

Photo time

Who doesn't love photos? Take photos to show off your work. Your friends will never believe that you created the artwork you hold. We will also provide a bag to take the tools back home along with your painting. Just buy some paints and continue painting at home, the fun does not end here.

Excited to try your hand at painting, check out the upcoming events here.


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