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The Test of Contest

THE FEAR OF DEATH that prevails in man is a fear that we all must bow down to. No matter the number of our victories or the number of our failures, no matter how high our wisdom or our foolishness, no matter the stairs we climbed or the paths we chose, Death awaits us all. If we all must meet our physical extinction, then why not live a life of fullness by making ourselves better today than what we were yesterday. Why not try to give ourselves a chance.

There is also another fear that prevails in us other than the fear of death and that is THE FEAR OF LIFE. Every child born is as empty as an empty vessel ready to be poured within all that can be learned but along with the honey and milk of knowledge enter the impurities of fear.

The child learns that standing out from the society (and the comfort and warmth the society provides) means lonliness, solitude and bearing the high burden of expectations where people look up to you. All children are born with celestial capabilities but it is the fear of greatness that makes them shed their feathers, clip their wings and live in the caves of darkness limiting their own potential, which could be on the DIVINE scale.

Many great contests have been held in history crowning great competitors with olives for their great strength, vigour and creativity. Contests have been conducted to bring out the best in man. Contests of strength have made exemplars of great physique and in turn a prosperous and healthy city. Contests of creativity have made exemplars of vivid imagination amalgamated in the voice of conscience and emotion. Yet the main purpose of a Contest is to honor Devotion and Labor which bears the luminescence of excellence.

Without Contest no Gold could be separated from soil, No steel could be separated from iron, No cream could be separated from milk, No diamond could be separated from the mine and No fragrance could be separated from oil.

Yet isn't life the Greatest Contest.

A Meditator must bend and mould his mind to deliver calmness.

A Philosopher must bend and mould his beliefs to deliver wisdom.

A Religious must bend and mould his hymns to deliver worship.

A Prophet must bend and mould his faith to deliver vision.

A Righteous must bend and mould his values to deliver peace.

A Jester must bend and mould his wit to deliver laughter.

A Craftsman must bend and mould his skill to deliver art.

A Saint must bend and mould his soul to deliver reconciliation.

God must bend and mould his will to deliver love.

And Evil by all means must bend and mould deception to deliver temptation.

All must bend and mould in the fires of Contest to prevent the cease of growth.

On a parting note

Stubbornness and Arrogance are absolutely necessary on the path of creativity to despise the evil of fears and to rise above our own self but without loosing the lustre of humility.


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