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Post COVID-19 travel to Goa

Beaches of Goa

After months in hibernation, the sun seems to be finally rising on the right side for those travel maniacs, giving them a reason to dust off those cobwebs from their travel bags at the back of their closets. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic is still in the air, the world has found its way around it by accepting this current scenario as what we call, ‘the new normal’. After the restrictions regarding travel were finally brought down, people from far and wide are excited to call a new destination their home for a couple of days. But unlike the older times, a huge gap of questions concerning safety must be bridged with the right answers. While people have been planning holidays to different destinations around the country, the latest hotspot seems to be India’s tropical coast of Goa. The favourite beach destination is seeing a surge in tourists like never before. Good food, music, beaches, breeze and booze have taken tourists on an unforgettable journey, that's making them want more and more of this beautiful holiday destination.

However, the question remains the same, is Goa tourist safe?

The answer is YES! Well, but your safety lies in your own hands as it depends on one’s ability to stick to guidelines and rules.

Entry to Goa without any barriers has been opened for tourists under the unlock 4.0 guidelines set by the government. However, there are a few things you would need to know about entering Goa:

  • There aren't any interstate or intrastate restrictions with respect to movement in Goa

  • A 14-day long quarantine or home isolation is no longer a necessity on arrival to Goa

  • No COVID negative certificates or e-passes are required to enter Goa

  • Temperature checks are done for travellers at all entry points

  • A self-assessment on the Aarogya Setu app before entry and on leaving Goa is a must.

Irrespective of the guidelines set up by the government, each and everyone of us is responsible for our own safety. Hence, it is necessary to take all safety precautions seriously and to execute them to the greatest extent possible. Furthermore,various guidelines and SOPs have been released by the Goa government for public places, water activities, beaches, parks, etc. and the same are being strictly adhered to.

Water activity operators are taking smaller groups, sanitizing all equipment before each use, are encouraging online payments and advanced bookings and are collecting self-declaration forms from their customers. And Spitting at public areas is strictly prohibited across Goa. While wearing masks and adhering to social distancing is mandatory for all in public areas and transport.

Apart from this other important features of your travel plans must also include:

  • N-95 mask or any other disposable masks

  • A bottle of hand sanitizer everywhere you go

  • Disposable gloves

  • A first aid kit should be present at all times with your mode of transportation

  • And extra clothes & a bag, just to minimize the risk of infection even further

The main aspect of travel to Goa is your stay and food. Under the newly introduced guideline, Goa has reopened several restaurants, bars, hotels, resorts, beaches, etc. with strict safety precautions in place. With separate SOPs and guidelines issued for hotels, restaurants, workplaces, schools, cinemas, etc. the Goa government is making sure all their residents and visitors stay safe. Thus, there is nothing much to worry about except the precautions that you take from your own end.

One major thing is if you happen to show COVID-19 symptoms while in Goa, don’t fret too much, you can always contact your nearest healthcare facility or hospital or simply inform the native around you who can help you with your situation. Buses, taxis and private vehicles have all begun commuting to their maxim extent, thus, there is nothing much to worry about. You will have the same experience you would have had pre-pandemic, except with a mask on and less germs in your face.

So if you are planning to come to Goa during these unprecedented times, don’t worry, just stick to all safety measures and have yourself a memorable sunny vacation in the land of sand and seas.

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