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On-board the DIY trend train: Resin art

Resin art

As people around the world find themselves at home due to the current pandemic, they’re pirouetting to ideas that might initially appear to be meager, but cumulatively lead to the establishment of new avocations and obsessions for many. There’s a constant search for innovative ways to connect with family and the community as well as a quest for personal amusement. Who hasn't hopped onto the trend train yet? Dalgona coffees, banana bread, miniature pancake cereal, art, exercise etc. are some of the crazy, yet amusing trends that have allowed us to hold on to our sanity and kill time during this unexpected hour. While many have been surprised by the evoking of their hidden talents, especially with respect to the arts and crafts, a name that appears more frequently now than it did earlier is, ‘Resin Art’.

Resin art, the success story of various brands today, has laid down the foundation for a new extraordinary league of creators called the resin artists. Looked upon as an unconventional style of painting as it lacks the use of oil or acrylic paints, easels and even brushes, in resin art all you need is an excellent understanding of the synthetic, thick and viscous resin, the primary feature of these atypical art pieces.

One might think that being a regular artist naturally makes you a resin artist as well. However, that is not the case, as being a resin artist is quite unalike from being a regular painter. The maneuvering of the trajectory of the free flowing resin is where the skill of the resin artist lies, in contrast to a regular painter's command over the use of oil, acrylic or other paints. The fusion of the resin and paint in a synchronous yet asynchronous manner is what gives rise to the fascinating final product, which is a magical display of color and texture. While resin artist might be a special term used to describe those who produce such an artistic display, truth be told, anybody can be a resin artist. The basic understanding and knowledge of the use and interaction of raw materials is all you need to pull off an exclusive piece of resin art, although an artistic mind can take you to the top.

Flowers and leaves trapped in resin, a form of resin art

Resin is an acutely multifaceted product, and a strong understanding of its properties has allowed artists to move far beyond just simple canvas paintings. Wooden resin furniture, the most popular among the range of resin products, started out as just another DIY project, but has evolved to grow into one of the biggest furniture trends today. This, has all been made possible due to the understanding of the properties of resin, i.e. when dried, resin is strong and durable, which makes it an apt complement to wooden furniture. Why opt for a plain boring table, when you can now have unique and stunning resin-wood options to choose from? Furthermore, if bright colors or a mixed palette isn't your approach, a minimalist route with just the basic black and white is also a possibility. Resin work, due to its final texture and appearance is greatly inspired by nature and its aquatic elements, especially waterfalls and rivers.

While this trend was prosperous in the western countries, it did take time to land on our shores. However, it’s here now, and has a community of artists and small businesses inspired by it. Resin bookmarks, key chains, pendants, rings, coasters etc. have all joined the wood-resin train, you name it and you will have it, literally ‘resin anything’. The trend is still at a point where it is little enough to be a perfect Instagram trade, but a few boutique furniture stores around the country are also embracing the idea due to its numerous takers. If you are inspired by this unique and fascinating yet peculiar form of art, you can get your hands on it through the numerous articles sold by home businesses over Instagram, or rather learn the trade yourself.


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