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Press Mention: Divyang News

Nidhi Wahi, the owner of The Crimson Canvas, Surat was featured on a Divyang News segment today for her work teaching children at the Disable Welfare Trust of India. This event was organized as part of the Paint to Empower initiative, which was started to help underprivileged children experience art, which is often considered to be an 'expensive' hobby. This initiative, uses a portion of profits from our regular events to procure art tools and materials for the underprivileged.

Check out the news segment here:

If you are from Surat and would like to collaborate with Nidhi on her work in the future, please reach out to us by using the Contact Us form here. Try an art workshop with Nidhi here. She is an incredible talented artist and hosts fun workshops. To learn more about our Paint to Empower program, click here.


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