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Must Visit Beaches In South Goa!

Are you one of those tourists who have come to Goa more number of times than you can count, but still haven't visited the South? What??!! You are definitely missing out on loads of awesomeness. It is finally time to drive a bit more and head to some of the beaches in South Goa. We would definitely describe them as quieter, cleaner and relatively undiscovered. Are you smitten by what I have just told you? Are you checking the flight tickets to see whether they are pocket friendly? Yayyy!! You will finally transform into a tourist who has truly seen the whole of Goa. If you are struggling with where to begin, check out our six favourite South Goan beaches and take your pick. Or just visit all. Haha.

1) Cola Beach This 1000 meter hidden paradise has golden sand and is separated into two parts (north and south) by a rocky outcrop in the middle. The beach is enveloped by thick vegetation, coconut trees and hilly terrain because of which it remains free from the tourist crowd even during Goa's peak season. This beaches je ne sais quoi? A small creek comes out through the vegetation to meet the Arabian sea and just before it's confluence it forms a gorgeous crystal clear fresh water lagoon on the seashore! This is truly a sight to soothe sore eyes. Tip‑ The trek to the shore can be slightly demanding, so head to the beach only if your fitness level is fine.

Cola beach, Goa

2) Galgibaga Beach

Galgibaga Beach, located on the banks of the Galgibaga river, is a pristine stretch of golden brown sand, fringed with coconut palms and other trees. This beach is also known as the Galgibaga turtle beach because from November to March it witnesses the nesting of hundreds of Olive Ridley turtles. The female turtles swim up to the shore, lay their eggs in a secure place in the sand and head back to the sea. The eggs than take about 2months to hatch after which the tiny Olive Ridley turtle babies waddle back to the sea. The forest officials as well as some NGO’s are passionately trying to protect these sites. Speak to them, give them a hand in what they are doing and let them know that you appreciate their work. Tip: The seas at Galgibaga Beach are not always safe to swim in, so be cautious when venturing out for a dip.

Galgibag beach, Goa

3) Mobor Beach Mobor beach is the southern extension of the more popular Cavelossim beach. The Sal River meets the Arabian Sea at the southern end of this beach. This makes Mobor beach unique because it has water on 3 sides: the Arabian Sea to the west, the Sal River to the east and the place where the river and sea meet to the south. Now isn't that a wonderful sight! This beach is really clean and very safe to swim in so make the best of it. Tip: This beach is a short walk from The Leela Palace and Holiday Inn. So, if you have got a room at one of these hotels, this beach is a must visit.

Mobor beach, Goa

4) Palolem Beach

This semi‑circular beach is a crowd favourite with a perfect amalgamation of activities that one can do. The beach is dotted with tiny wooden huts with a marvelous view of the sea. Also there is a whole slew of restaurants that gives the atmosphere a pleasant vibe and will make sure you always get a variety to choose from during meals. Palolem is also famous for its Headphone parties which are silent parties where you are given a wireless headphone that connects you to the music. These parties ensure that the neighbours are not disturbed. They also let you choose the music you want to listen to, what volume you want to listen to it at and when you want a break from the music. This beach also has every watersport you can think of and a bunch of amazing yoga centers. And let me not forget a whole street to shop from. So head to Palolem and have your pick! Tip: Join @soultravelling ( to learn about the culture and food of the tribes in Canacona which is a rare and unique experience. Use the code CRIMSONCANVAS10 to avail a 10% discount on this activity.

Palolem beach, Goa

5) Varca Beach The Varca beach is an absolute beauty with its calm blue water, white glittering sand, black lava rocks and green forest backdrop. It hosts a bunch of watersport activities and is lined with plenty of shacks serving authentic Goan food. Also it is really close to some of South Goa's best resorts namely the Caravela Beach Resort, Sterling Goa, Club Mahindra and The Zuri White Sands making this beach a top pick. Tip: Have a meal at Farm House Bar and Bistro, which is a beautiful open air restaurant perched near the water, where you can catch the fresh fish yourself and let the chefs cook it for you.

Varca beach, Goa

6) Velsao Beach This beach is relatively less crowded compared to Varca beach and Palolem beach, but has its own charm. A stroll on this beach with a loved one can be very romantic. And the sound of hundreds of birds chirping? Wow!

Velsao beach, Goa

Which is your favourite beach? Check them all out and let us know! Have a great holiday!


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