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Press Mention: GTPL Gujarat News

We are extremely proud of Nidhi Wahi, the owner of The Crimson Canvas, Surat. It takes a lot of courage to delve into the world of business with such limited support; it can be daunting for anyone and especially so for women from traditional cultures. Yet, Nidhi Wahi leveraged her professional arts background (She is a rank holding graduate of the Commercial Arts program from Punjab University), to launch the franchise and has been doing very well learning the nuances of the local culture, guiding our marketing efforts in the region and helping us incorporating the remarkable art history of Gujarat in our business' offerings. This aspect of featuring local artists and art forms when expanding our business is a key strategy that we are trying hard to incorporate. If you are a local artist from any of our operating regions and would like to showcase your work, please reach out by filling the contact us form here.

Check out the full news segment on her work here:

This particular segment covered her work with underprivileged children in Surat. We are thankful to the Disable Welfare Trust of India for hosting us at their venue. Nidhi Wahi is excited to conduct many more of these events in the future. Follow her on Instagram here. Attend one of her workshops in Surat by checking the schedule here. It will be worth your time, we assure you.

There are plenty of ways you can collaborate on this initiative, click here to get a glimpse.


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