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Founder Stories: Victor Noel Mohan

Currently stationed in the middle of nowhere

I passed out of medical school 2 years back and have since then been working in the field of international development, currently stationed in Ghana trying to find ways to strengthen its health system by addressing issues with its human resource management. So how'd I end up co-founding an art business?

At age 6, I started drawing cars after I saw my uncle demonstrate how simple the process was. Since then, drawing has really been my go-to stress-buster. Sedans, sports cars, oddly shaped SUVs (never been able to create good SUVs. EDIT (Nov, 2019): Still better than the abomination that is the Tesla Cybertruck).... and since I acquired a tablet with a stylus, I've ventured out into the more abstract in the digital sphere. Find my musings strewn about this website that I designed during my off-time with whatever internet I have in Ghana. All art work on the website has been designed by myself; I love digital illustration and it is my primary medium of choice.

Nevertheless, having tried acrylic painting with Senneil I concede that it is remarkably easy to create impressive-looking canvas paintings... very few rules, if any, as long as one treats painting as a medium to express oneself and not something that is created for external approval. Starting this business therefore is a just a way to help everyone else try their hand at it. I truly believe that art can be relaxing, meditative and simply loads of fun.

I truly believe that art can be relaxing, meditative and simply loads of fun.

I sincerely hope you try our workshops out, you can have a look at the updated list of events here. If instead you would like to have a conversation on how we use art to empower people through our Paint to Empower initiative, hit me up on my linkedin.

Try out this new toy I purchased on Amazon, it's the perfect little vlogging set up. I've also added a link to the lights we will be using for our new studio.


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