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Fluid art - Part II

Assuming that you have already read the 1st blog of Fluid Art Painting let me ask you a few questions:

1. Isn't it more fun than the usual brush painting?

2. Doesn't it soothe your mind?

3. Do you want to discover other forms of fluid art painting?

If the answer is 'yes', to any of these, then you've reached the right place.

1. Air Swipe / Dutch Pour

This method is fun-filled, in this you will first layer the whole canvas with one color (basically white or white but you don’t have to follow you can go with the color you want). After this you can pour the colors you want one above the other on the first layer in any fashion you want (concentric circles, waves, basically anything you want). Now take a blow dryer and blow it from any side of the the paint. You can see the beautiful splashes of different shades together!!

2. Dutch Pour with lacing / Sheleeart Bloom technique

This method is similar to the dutch pour. Let me tell you the difference: the first layer remains the same, but when you start pour the paints you are going to break it into small parts. So as when you pour colors on one part of the canvas and you blow it, then you repeat the same on the remaining parts of the canvas, this is done to get the lacing. Add small amount of silicone to the pouring paints to get cells. Look at your artwork now, doesn't look like a masterpiece to yourself.

3. String Technique

In this technique also follow the the first step of layering like the rest 2 methods. Then as the name suggests take a string dip completely into the color you want and place onto the layered canvas or just place the string and pour the paint on it, now slowly pull the string horizontally. Don’t miss to observe the pattern forming behind the chain.

4. Fractal Dendrites

This one is quite interesting, in this method instead of regular acrylic pour paints we will use acrylic ink and alcohol/Floetrol in the ratio of 1:2 respectively. Firstly will layer the canvas with normal acrylic pour paint of your choice then add the drops of mixture prepared individually or one on another, small or large as you wish. Look at the quick n fascinating dendrites!!

5. Ghost Pour

Wondering how would this look?? Layer the canvas with the color you want then pour the paints in the center of canvas in the form of horizontal line. Then just take a spatula and move it from the center of the canvas to top, repeat the same for the bottom too. Isn't it cool??

6. Combination Technique

This is just being creative however you want and mixing 2 or more types of fluid art techniques in one canvas. For an example you can see a combination of air swipe and string technique where first string technique is used followed by the air swipe. Can you try a combination fractal dendrites and ghost pour??If YES let me know how!!!!


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