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Fluid Art Painting

An amazing way to enjoy painting without the usual, traditional brushes. Paint is used in various ways here, use your creativity to choose how you will disperse the fluid paint onto the canvas, move it, enjoy the slow movement of paint, and create your final design. Would you like to know know about the various forms of fluid art? Excited to have fun playing with paint? I feel very excited every time i do fluid art, the movements are kinda soothing to my mind. So lets discuss about the varieties of fluid art.

1. Puddle Pour

In this method you keep pouring liquid paints in the form of small puddles one above the other, as many as you want and all the colors you want in the painting. You can create a single puddle or multiple puddles in one painting. Then comes the most fun part, rotate the canvas in different directions to let paint flow and cover the whole canvas. Ta-da!! Look at your painting.

Puddle pour acrylic painting

2. Dirty Pour

For this painting, take a cup and keep pouring the liquid colors onto it randomly. Then when you're done pouring enough paint into the cup, you start pouring it from the cup to canvas the way you like, now just move the canvas to fill any gaps. It is great fun right?

A dirty pour painting

3. Flip Cup Pour

A flip-cup pour

As the name suggests, pour each color into a cup. Place the canvas upside down on top of the cup and then flip the canvas and cup together. Lift the cup and tilt the canvas. You can also lift the cup a little and drag it. With all the colors free from the cups boundary, your painting is ready.

4. Flower / Bottle Bottom Puddle Pour

In this method you take the cut piece of a bottle's bottom, place it inverted on the canvas and start pouring the paints from the center of the bottom of the bottle, observing the paints flow in the pattern of petals of a flower. Continue until you feel the flower is complete and then just lift off the bottom of the bottle from the canvas. Beautiful isn't it?

Flower puddle pour art

5. Tree Ring / Swirl Pour

In this you take all the desired colors in the cup and pour in on the canvas. While pouring, you move the cup in circular directions, which produces swirl patters in the paint. You can make multiple swirls on one canvas to make it more attractive.

A swirl pour

6. Wing Pour

This is quite tricky, so first take white color and fill half of the cup. This is going to be the separation between the 2 wings. Choose 2 shades for your wing, add one of it above the white in the cup. After this, add the same amount of white above it. Then pour black at the edges of the cup, this is going to give details to your wing, now there goes the second color and white above it -- similar to the first one. Place your canvas at an angle say about 30-40 degrees and start pouring the paint from the height-ed edge of the canvas, continue until your paints run out. Here you go, with the beautiful wings formed on your canvas!!

7. Swipe Technique

Select one color for the the cell boundary and form a thick horizontal line at the top of the canvas by pouring the paint. Then continue forming horizontal lines of all the colors you want. when the canvas is filled with colors, take a butter paper or anything similar to that and swipe it from the top of the canvas to the bottom with a gentle hand. LOOK CAREFULLY, the cells popping up slowly with so many colors and with a defined boundary to it. You can also create cells by adding silicon drops. Isn't it eye catching ?

Swipe technique

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Try these techniques at home, if you are pleased with what you create, reach out to us on Instagram with photos of your creations. You might just be featured in one of our spotlights.


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