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Artist Spotlight: Sujit Kumar Swain

Sujit Kumar Swain, Finalist, TCC Sketch Contest 2020

Sujit Kumar Swain, a shy and introverted professional artist from Cuttack, Odisha mesmerizes all those around him with his bold painting style. When he was a child, during the festival of Murti one year,  Sujit eagerly undertook an exciting project to create the idol of God. In the process of doing this he fell in love with art, recognized the talent he had in him and was convinced that he wanted to professionally create art for the rest of his life. Ever since that moment nothing has kept him down. Deriving inspiration from everything nature has to offer, he created artistic wonders bringing him tons of self satisfaction and an intense feeling of connection with his work.

"My creative process originates from society.. like day to day life.. from every time and any situation related with my life.. or any animals, birds and creatures in life".

He further adds that he likes each and every part of his painting and that makes him find new inspiration.

Sujith's dream project would be to someday create a joint painting series with celebrated artist Raja Ravi Varma and showcase the work in an exhibition in his home state of Odisha. He believes that an artist has a big role to play in society.

"An artist must express his thoughts through painting towards society to portray things that are not easily said with words."

We asked Sujith whether the COVID pandemic has hampered his creativity and opportunities as an artist but he told us that in fact it has had the opposite effect. It has opened up a pool of opportunities for him to work with plenty of social media companies. Also the time spent home has enabled him to be more focused and produce consistent art. Leave it to the artists to find the silver lining in any cloud.

Sujith admits that being an artist can be tough. Art is subjective so favoritism in handing out opportunities is unavoidable.

However when times get tough, Sujith always perseveres by remembering the advice one of his favourite teacher had given him during his early years, "Remember", she said, "being an artist is not an easy task, it may sometimes fail to provide bread and butter.. but always remember why at the very first place you decided to become an artist."

Sujith cherishes his teachers wise words and advises all budding artists to work hard and be patient.  He adds, " Don't use shortcut way to become [a] success."

Well said Sujith, we concur.

The sketch that won Sujit the award

Sujith has successfully completed a degree in Bachelor of Visual Arts from B K College of Art and Crafts in Bhubaneshwar. He has many achievments under his belt. Some of which are:

  • An exhibition at the International sand art festival - 2019 conducted by the Department of tourism, Govt.of Odisha.

  • Principal's  trophy for excellence in print making in B.K college of art and craft.

  • Sarvodaya national level art exhibition at Lalit Kala akademi .

  • Youth talent award  -2019 by Maharshi University Delhi.

The Crimson Canvas team is extremely impressed with this young artist and wishes Sujith all the best in all his future endeavours.

Sujits sketch reached the finals of the TCC Sketch Contest held in August 2020. To view his work click here.


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