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Artist Spotlight: Radhika Lathiya

Radhika A Lathiya, Finalist, TCC Acrylic Contest 2020

Radhika Aakash Lathiya is a 31 year old dentist and a self taught artist from Surat, Gujarat. She spent majority of her childhood creating art. However, studies and work soon took over as her first priority and art took a still place at the back of her mind. She has recently re started creating art after attending a Crimson Canvas art workshop in Surat and has continued pursuing it. She currently enjoys painting with acrylics on fabric and canvas and is enjoying the process of returning to the world of art.

"I am enjoying a lot. I feel very refreshed creating art. Achieving a certificate of my work is another element of happiness. It is really very encouraging. Thank you for making me a part of your family."

Radhika's biggest fans are her parents, her husband and her daughter who play a major role in providing Radhika with inspiration. If at all she gets stuck while working, she continues playing with the materials she has and most of the time she achieves some pretty amazing natural results.

Radhika Lathiya was a finalist at the TCC Acrylic Contest held in June 2020 where she submitted the painting titled, 'A Girl Child'.

Radhika belongs to an area where patriachy is predominant and women are not encouraged adequately to pursue their dreams. Her painting was created to promote women empowerment. She sadly states that in our society some people still do not appreciate girl children and their dreams and so she strived to paint a picture that will encourage the girl child.

"I am not a professional artist. I just started painting again after so many years. It has only been 2 months now, so it was so difficult for me. But I enjoyed a lot! I was happy that I successfully completed what I wanted to show. I took some references from pinterest and thoughts from the situation around me. And somewhere deep down I am also suffering. Living in joint family, I am not allowed to work. And so I decided to paint something that makes me feel alive and happy. And you supported me so well! Again thank you so much for selecting me."

The Girl Child, the painting that won acclaim at the TCC Acrylic Contest, 2020

Radhika urges all new artists to keep on trying and to try to make something natural.

"I can share my experience here. I was surrounded by professional artists here in the competition. I am a budding artist. Still I took part in the competition."

It's easy to lose hope when creating art especially given the visible dichotomy between professional artists and everyone else. Radhika is a contrarian in this regard. She wishes to affirm that hardwork and dedication to the craft will help any budding artist traverse this 'dichotomy' and create stunning art.

"At one point I also lost hope. I said to myself that it is very difficult to win here as there are professional artists with amazing artwork. But still. I managed to come in the top 10. It was very encouraging for me."

She wants all budding artists to keep on trying and never give up because you never know. Radhika Aakash Lathiya aspires to create beautiful ocean resin artwork in the near future. We wish her luck in all her future endeavours and hope that her dreams for the girl child come true.

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