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Artist Spotlight: Moumita Maity

Moumita Maity, Finalist, TCC Acrylic Contest 2020

Moumita Maity is a 27 year old self taught artist from West Bengal, India who works with charcoals, watercolors, acrylics and glass colors. Her primary occupation is in the corporate sector but she claims that art has always been her first love and her corporate job is solely to support the expenses of her artistic pursuits.

"I am totally mad about art. Art is something I just can't live without. I cannot imagine my life without art, paintings or colours."

She has taken up a job just so that she can pursue her dream of art and keep it alive. She has had her work displayed in exhibitions and in art galleries.  However working in the corporate sector also means that Moumita is unable to find adequate time to create new art. If ever she gets an art block, she browses through other artists artwork, watches their painting tutorials, reads about their struggles and searches for beautiful inspiring photos on Pinterest and Google which motivates her to start working again. 

Moumita claims that her biggest influencers are her husband and parents who act as a solid support system in her art career. She lists her favorite artists as Lindsey Rapp, Lena Danya and Katie Joblin. 

Moumita Maity was a finalist at the TCC Acrylic Contest in June 2020 where is painted her current favorite artwork, 'Awakened Beauty'.


She describes what the painting means to her beautifully.

"The theme of this painting is the awakening of our inner soul. We all have some dreams that we want to achieve. We want to make it happen. But, when we fail to achieve this we lose all hope and start feeling depressed and demotivated. However, this is not the end. Infact, this is the process to the end. The truth is,there is no real end. Even when we achieve our goals and dreams, new dreams and goals will be born. So, instead of drowning our soul we have to find and awake the inner peace of our soul and keep trying again and again."

She believes that everything is part of a process. There will always be lots of ups and downs and if we don't start we will never finish. 

The Awakened Beauty, the stunning painting that won acclaim at the TCC Acrylic Contest, 2020

Moumita learned about the contest from an instagram artist friend of hers.

"My friend told me about the contest and that they have a good cause where they will donate the entry fees. At that time I didn't know about the prize money that is of course huge. So I entered."

Moumita also had some very valuable advice for the other artists in our community:

"Everything is a process. It needs time and hard work . There will be lots of failure. But practice, consistency and patience makes everything possible." She asks everyone to believe in themselves. She believes that every single person has magic in their minds and hands. She urges young artists to follow their hearts. She says, "It is going to take some time but magic is just about to happen. If you won't start now you will never explore that magic. That's it. Never stop dreaming. Never give up."

Moumita's dream project is to work with resin and to focus on the beauty of water and the transformation of all human beings into mermaids. We wish her all the best in all her future endeavours and pursuits. 

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