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Artist Spotlight: Laura Vian

"Art is never finished, only abandoned." - Leonardo da Vinci


Laura Vian is a Self - Taught Artist, she's 30 years of age and is from Pune, India. As a child Laura received prizes for her innate talent. From a young age she has believed, “You can create anything once you see it in your mind.” She was always encouraged by her mother to embrace her creative side and never give up on her talents.

Over the years she has self taught and experimented with different techniques and styles from YouTube, Pinterest and Animated Movies. She has always been fascinated by images, animals, landscapes, religion/god's and how the world is represented through the eyes of others.

Laura has studied Greek mythology, holistic adult art education and Catholicism at the IRIS Art Center, Afidnes, Greece.

Since then she has dabbled into different kinds of subjects that resonate these elements and have a strong sense of understanding humanities search for meaning.

Dream Project

She has always wanted to collaborate with artists all from around the world with a strong environment and animal awareness cause.

How Laura Overcomes her Artist’s Block

Any creative person has a time when the ideas seem to run dry, and art inspiration becomes sorely lacking.

"I simply just try finding a way to be happy again, at that moment you are distributed and frustrated so I would watch cartoons, funny movies or play with my dogs. Once I start feeling happy I then make a cosy space and lay out all my art supplies in front of me, that instantly motivates me and I feel I'm ready to create."

Inspirations and Influencers

Her favourite Artists are Leonardo da vinci, Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni and Vincent van Gogh.

Her favourite Artwork is the painting of 'The last supper' by Leonardo Da Vinci and 'Horse Tamer' Sculpture by Guillaume Coustou the Elder. They have been an inspiration and understanding to paying attention to details, experimenting with colors and broadening one's imagination

The Creation of the HORSE

'The Creation of the Horse' - Canvas board, Medium - Acrylic, 18krt gold leaf

"When God wanted to create the horse, he said to the South Wind, 'I want to make a creature of you. Condense.' And the Wind condensed." 🐎 – Emir Abd-el-Kader

Laura took the inspiration from the 'The Creation of Adam', a fresco painting by Italian artist Michelangelo, which forms part of the Sistine Chapel's ceiling, painted c. 1508–1512. She wanted to tell the story of how God created the Horse from the south wind and how it has been man's companion throughout history. Her art piece was to show appreciation for its beauty and the unique bond between man and animals.

Laura wanted to be part of a community that appreciates artists hence she joined The Crimson Canvas and she took part in the contest to showcase her artwork.

Words of Advice

"Don't stop creating! & Don't be afraid of criticism. If you're struggling take inspiration from others. Learn new ways to create and always believe in yourself..."

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