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Artist Spotlight: Amritha Noble A

Amritha Noble A, Finalist, TCC Acrylic Contest 2020

Amritha Noble A is a 23 year artist from Trivandrum, Kerala. She, along with her sister, received training in fine arts through private home tutoring by the renowned artist Sudhakaran.

"Since there was only two of us in that class, Sir was able to give us great support and supervision."

Amritha's earliest memory of her creating art was during her preschool years when she visualised her small family and tried to draw it. Her grandfather, P. Bailis, was the first to discover her talents and interest towards art and has been the biggest influence on her creative career. 

Amritha feels intensely happy and refreshed after creating art. She particularly enjoys creating art for others. Her most revered artwork is Dhamayanthi of Mahabharata which is an artwork created by her favorite artist: the famous Raja Ravi Varma. She also is an ardent follower of Vincent Van Gogh.

Amritha Noble's artistic style is an amalgamation of the styles of various artists that have inspired her. She wishes to eventually discover a more unique signature style that can define her. Whenever she faces difficulties in trying to find inspiration she listens to music or explores new localities till something clicks.

Amritha was a finalist in the TCC Acrylic Contest held in June 2020 where she painted 'Theyyam' which is an indigenous ritualistic artform of North Kerala. This contest, organized in aid of COVID-19 relief in urban settlements in Bengaluru, received an overwhelming response from the Crimson Community. We received over 180 entries; Amritha, a finalist against such fierce competition certainly receives praise.

"This art form tells the story of ancient Kerala and tribal culture. It shows the culture of Kerala. Since I am a Keralite I thought I will draw an art form that excels in all fields of art for the competition. That's what inspired me."

Theyyam, the striking painting that won acclaim at the TCC Acrylic Contest, 2020

Amritha joined the contest because she wanted to show her work to a lot of people and wanted others also to get motivated by it. On asking her what the challenges of being an artist are, she cites the lack of recognition that artists receive.

"One of the main problem an artist faces is the lack of recognition. Some times they may feel worthless or defeated because of that. So I advise each and every budding artists out there to keep on drawing, stay inspired and curious. You all will surely achieve it one day."

Amritha Noble A dreams to have her art collection showcased in an art exhibition someday. Having seen the quality of artwork she creates, we have no doubt that she will attain this dream soon. We wish her all the best in all her future endeavors.

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