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ART: Why do you look back..

If you buy a pair of expensive sandals studded with diamonds and it's comforting soft sole gives you the pleasure of silk and the gazing eyes pump into you a sense of pride, it does not mean there is no paradise between the skin of your feet and the dirt of the earth. It is the grave desire to be happy that drives people to either be creative or conscientious and so also has melancholy given birth to the deeper understanding of pain and the ointment of ART to heal it. If the vast dome of the sky only blackens and Sadness with her black veil glowers into your eyes, Why do you look back?

In the pursuit of goal, Despair and Dismay visit with the gifts of wisdom through lessons, is it not better to welcome them as guests rather than enemies. If treated as enemies they will only bring hatred and never healing wounds. In Grief destiny is not supposed to look faint but invisible because your goal is not to see destiny but to reach it; your destiny will always be with you as you walk your path of courage.

If in the silences You heard music

If in the dark you found a flame

If in the fire you found a drop

If in the heat you found some shade

And with turmoiled mind and self-doubt

You had no courage your goal to track

Then Fate shall ask thee Why do you look back?

And in the blackened sky you place the stars

And on the head of Sadness you place a crown

In Greek mythology, Eurydice the wife of Orpheus, a poet, dies from a snake bite. Filled with grief Orpheus with his Lyre makes songs and music that even angels and Gods listen to his sorrow and loss. He travels to the underworld and persuades Hades with the power of his music to send Eurydice with him to the Upperworld. Hades agrees but under one condition: she would have to follow him while walking out to the light from the dark caves of the underworld, but he should not look at her before coming out to the light or else he would loose her. Orpheus thanked Hades and leaves to ascend back into the world. Unable to hear her footsteps, Orpheus looses his faith only a few feet away from the exit and turns to see Eurydice behind him and looses her forever.


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