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ART: The Road to Death

"Anyone who takes the safe road is as good as dead" - Carl Jung

There's often guilt, remorse, despair within the soul of our souls, gnawing at our bones, eating our minds like worms of feelings that, We never were what we ought to be OR,even worse that, We could have been what we ought to be.

These are the thoughts of darkness that arise to the surface of our minds if not during the first half of our lives then at least the second half. Somewhere in the dark corner of the room or while gazing at the vast dome of the dark sky, we might question and doubt the degree of our potential and strengths that we once measured of ourselves was good enough to conquer the world. What happened and why is it that we took such a tumble and fell afar from our goal rather than reaching it?

The root of this negativity lies in how we allowed our minds to grow. How we nurtured it, was it in the darkness or was it in the light BUT the most important question being what seed did you sow. Was it a seed of courage or cowardice.

The awesomeness of your life depends on how you have endured your perils. A bad sailor will consider a storm in the sea to be a peril or misfortune but a good sailor will see fortune in his strife against the harshest waves of the sea and his endurance through out it becomes his victor's cup. The ones who bear courage accept change in their most harshest forms and blend themselves with it and mend themselves when needed without cowering and complaining with questions such as,WHY ME?

On the other hand the people who do not accept the change persist on the imagination that Time will be the Angel who will bring fortune and distract themselves with merriment and temporary happiness which are meaningless and hollow. Their cowardice leads them to depend on Time that demands their action.

In the words of Abraham Maslow

"If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will be unhappy all the days of your life".

By the dogmas laid by the society or the passivity breeding within, many a people become sheep of the herd following the path most commonly trodden without even trying to find out the better greens of their passions and gifts OR even if they do, they do not put in the effort enough to reach it. This common path not only leads them to mediocrity but it stays their growth from self-excellence, an opportunity bestowed for self-realisation completely wasted. Then when such people awaken and realise their loss they grieve over the misfortune of time, blaming time for being bad, still living in the ignorance, when there is no such thing as good Time or Bad time but there is only TIME and it flies. This solidified negativity leads to anxiety after anxiety and unhappiness and quarrels, all because they were walking on the ROAD TO DEATH.

Fear grips some in such a way that they forsake their pursuit and instead indulge in activities of the mediocre without once believing that doing the thing you fear kills the fear itself.

A good harvest is earned by the reapers who sowed good seeds of optimism and courage, never faltering in the belief that

"Sow a thought and you reap an action; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny"- Ralph Waldo Emerson

The ones who value self-excellence make self-actualisation their habit. They follow their curiosity and engage in what challenges them putting into practice their passions and making their goals their purpose never once hindering from the effort needed and the madness required to achieve it. Their dream of self-excellence becomes their mission and they materialize it into a priceless TROPHY.


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