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The Fear of solitude and the anxiety of loneliness has been lingering in man since his origin. This fear has driven men mad and anxiety has ruled those who never could realise their potential; running away from themselves and the answers to the questions they themselves sought. It is painful to mean nothing to anyone. It is sorrowful not to be quoted in old age,It is grievous to work hard and not be admired he thought, and It is meaningless to have emotions and not love and be not loved. Solitude has always been seen as a curse attached to men planning evil, residing in men with bellicose motives, the adamant ready to revolt or the abandoned with no purpose. He never realised he had grown to fear himself. The burden of expectations and the heavy chains of norms only pushed him away from Self-realisation.It is as if a flame shutting itself from the world because of the fear of its own light

Solitude if wielded well can be turned to a boon and anxiety a tool to harness creativity. The chaos of anxiety within oneself is like whirling tornado of questions; a tremendous war within oneself which can be calmed down by solitude itself giving birth to creativity. Creativity is the product of your own chaos imbued with genuineness. It is the one fruit of the innumerable which you plucked from the tree of chaos nurtured by solitude.

Chaos is like wet clay without a form or structure and a creative mind in solitude can make utensils of different shapes and designs with it but a creative mind cannot make anything new out of an already made and dried earthen pot. It is the disorganised that builds creativity. Fearing chaos only causes resistance and it is the resistance to Self-realisation that is the curse.

An authentic art lover approaches chaos with a child like innocence which no fear and resistance can penetrate and he seeks excellence for the sake of his own joy, self-esteem and pride and not wealth and accolades.

Creativity can be practised in any field and make it more fruitful and beneficial to mankind. Be it sand to storms or stains to stars, a creative mind will always seek answers to the questions he asked, somewhere in the quiet of solitude he finds solace in the wisdom of his art.


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