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Announcing the TCC Acrylic Contest Winners

Thank you everyone for participating and making the TCC Acrylic Contest a big hit! We received over 180 submissions from artists across the country; we really mean it, we've received submissions from as far north as Sikkim and as far south as Kerala. It truly was a delight examining and admiring your work, the level of talent in our country really is unmatched.

We want everyone to understand that choosing the winners in this contest was NOT an easy task. Further, we had no control over the results of the judges' favorite award. Also, judges did not receive any further indications to the origin of the painting. These decisions were made deliberately to avoid any form of bias. The judges scored each painting out of 40, dividing the points across four categories:

  1. selection of materials

  2. originality

  3. quality of workmanship and,

  4. overall presentation

The winner of this award received Rs. 10,000. Learn more about his work and life by clicking here. Besides the judges' favorite award, we also awarded two other awards, (1) The people's favorite award and, (2) Team favorite award. The former was judged by a point system with points being allocated for comments made on the artist's post and votes cast on our page. The team favorite award was a last minute decision made by us to award the artist who created the painting that wowed the Crimson Canvas team. Each winner received Rs. 1,000.


  • The winner of the Judges' favorite award is Mr. Deo Prasad Rai from Sikkim for his painting, 'The Street Vendor'. Learn more about him by clicking here.

  • The winner of the People's favorite award is Mr. Shane Fernandes from Goa for his painting, 'The Canals of Venice'.

  • Finally, Ms. Laura Vian's painting, 'The Creation of Horse' was presented with the Team favorite award.

The Crimson Canvas team congratulates all the winners of the contest and wishes each artist the best of luck in all future endeavors. To all the artists whose works did not receive an award, please note that these decisions have myriad factors affecting them. In no way do we claim that our decisions are perfect. We encourage you to participate in future contests as well (click here for more). Finally, please note that your contributions through entry fees are being used to help scores of families get through the difficult times posed by the COVID pandemic. More details on our efforts soon.


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