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8 Art Bucket List Ideas

Let's make your quarantine time productive and fun!

1) Cut a silhouette of your Bae and You

A two dimensional solid black picture popularized in the 18th century, silhouette art was simple yet sophisticated.

Try your hand at capturing a cherished memory by cutting a black chart paper and pasting it on a white background.

The run down memory lane will definitely release some feel good hormones and make you fall in love with Bae all over again!

2) Sketch the scene from your window

Is staying at home because of the quarantine driving you crazy? Are you longing to go outside but cannot because you want to be safe?

What better way to connect with the outside than to sit at the window and sketch the view outside. Notice all the tiny details and marvel at the emptiness of the roads and the clarity of the skies. What a sight it will be!

3) List your top 3 favourite paintings

How much do you know about the painting that got you spellbound? Do you know who created it? Where it is located? What is symbolizes? Spend this quarantine finalizing your top 3 favourite paintings and learn everything about it. Be sure to impress your girlfriends at the next Sunday brunch!

4) Use coffee to paint

Are you one of us who can't go a day without the delicious black liquid of the Gods? You want more but fear being addicted? Fear not! Get yourself addicted to painting with coffee instead. Create a masterpiece with coffee for your living room and let all your senses explode!

5) Create art with only geometrical shapes

Geometrical shapes exhibit order, symmetry and limitations.. And these are the greatest forms of the beautiful!

Challenge yourself to create pure primal art only with circles, squares and triangles.

You may just happen to create the next abstract expressionist masterpiece.

6) Watch an Art Movie

What better way to get inspired than to spend your afternoon watching the life story of a tortured yet brilliant soul of an artist find itself and create the next great wonder of the art world!

Some art movies I absolutely love are:

- Girl with a Pearl Earring

-Midnight in Paris

- Mona Lisa Smile

- Pollock

-Saving Banksy

Which of these is your favourite?

7) Create a Mandala

I am sure all of you'll have seen and marvelled at the famous Mandala art. But what is a Mandala? In Sanskrit Mandala means 'circle' and is representative of the Universe. The intricate pattern within the Mandala is usually balanced and harmonized symbolizing how we are all balanced creatures part of the wider universe.

Spend a day of your quarantine embarking on a spiritual journey as you design your very own Mandala.

8) Paint Your Pet...

Is your quarantine so much more better because of your furry friend at home?  How about you immortalize this time by painting a portrait of your dear pet kid. I am sure your pet will be super excited to be the Muse to your inner Picasso

Being able to get the time and space to do anything you want is rare.. So make the best out of this time and tick every activity off this list. What are you waiting for?


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