Paint to Empower

The Crimson Canvas team engages children at foster homes and orphanages in the city through fun training sessions which serve to vocationally train them in various art forms, with a specific focus on our forte -- Acrylic on canvas painting. 

Central to our business is the core belief that 'anyone can paint'. We created the Paint to Empower initiative to help us realize this goal and bring the joy of art to those who cannot ordinarily afford to attend our workshops.

The Crimson Canvas is partnered with REACH LIVES, to implement this initiative. We exclusively engage their list of vetted, participating orphanages to conduct the workshops. At these orphanages, children experience a three-month training cycle, during which they receive intensive training on various skills and techniques in the respective art form. 

All artists who partner with us to conduct regular workshops are required to dedicate one day of the month to conduct a training session in their respective art form at a chosen orphanage. 

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Volunteer With Us

This initiative is made possible by the kindness of our volunteers. Please click below to register as a volunteer at a Paint to Empower initiative and bring a smile to a child's face.

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