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In this 2 hour workshop you will learn the art of fluid acrylics and create this beautiful beach artwork on any surface of your choice. The workshop has been designed to cater to all skill levels. Therefore, the artist will take you step-by-step through the creation of the artwork to ensure that you spend more time having fun and less time battling with the process. It's fun and easy, don't miss this one!

Bonus: We are offering all our participants a Rs. 50 voucher for use in any future workshop or contest that is organized by us. Why not put the newly learned skills to good use? Use the complementary Rs. 50 voucher to build on your skillset by participating in future workshops or battle it out with other budding artists and get featured in our growing community!

What's more? You will also receive a week's worth of on-demand, online, one-on-one tutoring to assist you in completing your acrylic pour project.

About the artist:

Nidhi Wahi is an award winning artist from Surat. Formally trained in fine arts, she has organized over 100 workshops in various parts of India. She holds a 4.98/5 rating in our community and is adored by every participant she has mentored. She is known for her friendly demeanor, and hands-on approach to art instruction. You WILL NOT be disappointed with her workshops.

What you will need:

  • Any base wooden or canvas 

  • Acrylic colors: Prussian blue, Light blue, Teal, Yellow Ochre, Gold and White 

  • Fevicol MR 

  • Papercups

  • Icecream sticks

  • Straw

For any clarifications, Whatsapp the artist, Nidhi Wahi at +91 83205 08711. 

If you want to use Google Pay/PayTM, please pay Rs. 499 per person to Nidhi Wahi at +91 83205 08711.

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